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"Thank you so much for a wonderful real scots experience. There have been many highlights. I hope your year is good and next year brings you all the business you want. I know you worked hard to make my experience a good one, and you suceeded."


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"I cannot tell you what a woderful experience you gave us. Walking into the stone cottage is something we will never forget and it means so much to (us). Please give our blessings to Bob and we hope to see him the next time we're over."

Liz and Mildred

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"We wanted to send the quick note and thank you again for all of the places you took us this fall.  We feel so much more connected to daddy MacNeil's ancestors.  The journey to Barra was such a beautiful few days and being able to take the boat out to Kisimul (Castle) was worth every effort we had to make.  We look forward to sharing our trip stories and pictures with friends and our "clan." 

 Don and Dottie

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"Bob and Jerron, thank you for creating such a one of a kind journey for my family.  Finally seeing the standing stones on Lewis and having our family gathered in a place that our ancestors once stood will mean so much to us through the years.  Thank you for having such a special talent to give us a trip that we wouldn't have found elsewhere." 


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"We didn't think our second trip would be a great as our first but we have to say that you have outdone yourselves.  We have always wanted to find where (our Sinclairs) were burried and the estate they owned.  We'll recommend you to our society and hope that others will find their own "Ancestral Journey" with you."

Bill and Cara

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"Scotland has meant so much to us and finally having the chance to see where the battles were fought and walk the street has been a lifelong dream.  We were so happy you could help us find the address where (our anestors) lived before they came to Canada and started a new life.  Thank you for being great hosts and for all the singing."

H. Henry

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