Henry Eubancke
 Borrenthwaite, Brough/Kirkby Stephen at Stainmore,
 Old Westmorland, England 
 January 6, 1612


Bonnie's Ancestral Families
Jones - Foster - Stepp - Garman - Sams
Porter - Young - Hemphill - White - Alexander


Ancestral Family of my father's mother
Fanny Dale Swagerty Eubank
Friedrich Schweickhart
the Immigrant 1749
Germany - Pennsylvania - Tennessee
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1500's and 1600's England,
Virginia and Maryland

    Michael Ewbank  - 
   Henry Eubancke - Accomack, Eastern Shore 

   Henry Eubancke - Claiborne's Kent Island  
   Mary Eubank - Accomack, Eastern Shore
   Wm Eubank - Accomack, Eastern Shore,
immigrant on the Amity 1635
   Wm Eubank - New Kent County
   George Ubank - York County
   Jane Ubank  -  York County 
   Stapleton Ubank - Henrico County
   Thomas Eubank - Maryland
   Richard Eubank - Maryland

Caroline County, Virginia,
Court Order Books 1732 - 1799

__________ E __________

John Eubank c1720 - 1778
Mary Bullard c1720 - 1795

Caroline County, Virginia
(1) (Ann) Nancy  Eubank
 Mr. Gatewood
King and Queen or Essex County, Virginia
(research ongoing)

(2) Ambrose Eubank c1744
Caroline, Amherst,

Bedford Counties, Virginia

_____________ E ______________  

(3) George Eubank 1746 - 1828
Delilah Williams c1750 - c1830
Caroline & Amherst Counties,Virginia


Thomas Eubank
Elizabeth Eubank (?)
Lucy Eubank

Capt. James Ware's second wife

Ann Eubank
James Eubank
William Eubank
 Patsy Martin
Richard Bullard  Eubank
     Margaret LaFiew Pryor
George W. Eubank
Ambrose Bullard Eubank
Delilah Eubank

John M. Eubank 

(4)  Mary "Molly" Eubank
  George Saunderson
This family moved to Kentucky
(more to come)

__________ E __________ 

(5)   John Eubank c1750
Margaret Newman c1755
18th Century Virginia
 Amherst County

Thomas Newman Eubank

  (1) Jane Shelton Ellis
(2) Ann E. Nelson

Lucy Eubank
John Ware
Elias Mosely Eubank
 Elizabeth Thompson
John Eubank, Jr.

  Catherine Rose
Ann Newman "Nancy"Eubank
     (1) Wm Taliaferro
(2) John Ellis

Margaret Newman Eubank
   Joshua Shelton Ellis
George Eubank
  Pam Brown (?)

Richard Newman Eubank
 Mary Camden Ware
Mary Eubank
Robert Mosely Eubank 
  Amanda Turk
Edmund Vauter Eubank 
William E.J. "Jett" Eubank

 Elizabeth Watson

John Eubank, Sr. c1750

  later m Edith Haynes, nee Irma Louise Ellis
no children

 ___________ E  ___________

Capt. James Ware 1778 - 1832
Nancy Garland Pendleton 1786 - 1825
Amherst County, Virginia

Mansfield Ware

  Susan Pettis Franklin
Mary Camden Ware
 Richard Newman Eubank
Reubin Selden Ware
Elizabeth P. Guilliam
John D. Ware
Julia M.
James D. Ware
William Anderson Ware
Margaret Sarah Lynch (Land)
Ann Ware
Robert Peebles
Edward S. Ware
Gustavius A. Ware

Sarah Rebecca Jones
Garland Pendleton Ware
Micajah Pendleton Ware

__________ E __________

Richard Newman Eubank 1792 - 1871
Mary Camden Ware 1803 - 1879
Amherst County, Virginia

Frances Marie Ann Eubank
William H. Garland 

Selina Jane Eubank
(1) Daniel Mann
 (2) Peter Rivinac
Camilla Rivinac
Pierre Rivinac
Richard Fondren Rivinac
Fanny Ault
Richard F. Rivinac, Jr.

Margaret Newman Eubank
William H. Stewart
John James Eubank
Mary Dudley Eubank
Orlando C. Phelps
Richard Newman Eubank
Jane Catherine Hunter
Virginia Eubank
d age 37 unmarried
Cornelia Sale Eubank
 Caleb Worley Dortch
William Ware Eubank
died 1858, age 20
Ellen Eubank
died at three years
Ada Eubank
died age 23, unmarried

_____________ E ______________

Richard Newman Eubank 1792 - 1871
Mary Camden Ware 1803 - 1879

Jackson, Mississippi
owned Mall Bank plantation

____________ E ______________

John Allen  c1760  -  c1812
Hannah King   1774  -  1825
Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia


Sarah Allen
(1) Joseph M. Bullis
(2) Jesse Cage

William Allen
died young

Margaret Allen
(1) Joseph M. Smith
(2) David McCord Hunter
(3) James Ware

John Allen
died young

Margery Allen
Mr. Stewart

Jane Glenn Allen
Ambrose Richey Hunter

__________ E __________

Richard Newman Eubank II   1832 - 1910
Amherst County, Virginia   -  Hinds and Rankin Counties
, Missssippi
Jane Catherine Hunter 1838 - 1884 
Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia    Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi
Fannin, Rankin Co
unty, Mississippi
James Rucks Euba
Thompson Ware Eubank

twins -  died as infants
Mary Camden Eubank
died at five years

Livingston Mims Eubank 
 Fanny Dale Swagerty
Richard  Newman  Eubank  III
(1) Jennie Moore
    (2) Lucy M. Moore

Margaret A. Eubank
Richard  M. Thornton
Sallie Ware Eubank
Joseph J. Boyd
Jessie Lee Eubank
Alonzo G. Moore
Jennie Yerger Eubank
Elzie A. Nash

_________  E  __________

 Livington Mims Eubank  1865 - 1917
Rankin County, Mississippi  
Cocke, Sevier, and Knox Counties, Tennessee
Cherokee County, North Carolina
Fanny Dale Swagerty  1869 - 1948
Cocke County, Tennessee
Rankin County, Mississippi

Cherokee County, North Carolina

Richard Newman Eubank 
died infancy

Oliver Mims Eubank
died age five
Josephine Marie Eubank
died infancy
Clara Louise "Trilby" Eubank
George Black Hoblitzell
William Arleigh Eubank
 Bonnie Katherine Jones
James Saxon Eubank
Intha Laney
Robert  L."Buster"  Eubank
died age 14

               -------------------------- E --------------------------------               

William Arleigh Eubank  1900 - 1987
"The Writing Years" Andrews, NC - 1933 - 1945
"The Secret City" Oak Ridge, Tennessee 1945 - 1963
Bonnie Katherine Jones  1907 - 1996
Black Mountain , Buncombe County, North Carolina
Cherokee County, North Carolina
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Betty Jean Eubank
William Dean Burch

William Mims Eubank
(1)  Bette Mullins
(2)  Sheila Joyner

Jennifer L. Eubank
 Stephen Zackoski
son Draven Mims Zackoski

George Swagerty Eubank
Beatrice Schilz
Jeffrey Arleigh Eubank
Lisa Dale Eubank
Lauren R. Eubank

Iris Teta Eubank
Cherokee County, North Carolina
Oak Ridge, Tennessee
New York, New York

(1)  Salvatore Jon Cammarata
(2) George Francis Wagner